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“Zëta Ræ’s sound denies the listener a sense of gravity. Raucous, contemplative, self hating, indulgent, and completely vulnerable - a beautiful, adrenaline laced mess for you to beat on your chest to as you scream from the rooftops.”








Zëta Ræ is a collaborative audio and visual project centered around the performance, writing, and production of founder Hannah Schmeling. With a refreshing, energetic aura, her music takes you on a sonic journey through the 90’s-2000’s pop-grunge aesthetic – softly landing in a post-modern pop/rock fantasy. With unbridled honesty, the lyrics tackle themes regarding love, karmic lessons, and the constant battle to appreciate the “here and now.”

After a fated encounter in a Boston coffee shop, she teamed up with Nashville powerhouses Jacob Saint Patrick as well as Vaudlow’s Matt Bolton and Josh Parra to create her debut EP “Hôme Invæsion” and its successor “everywhere you are is a garden.” The unique blend of live talent, studio prowess, and intelligent writing creates a sound that oozes personality and spans a number of genres including soul, atmospheric rock, and art pop.

Our mission is to break down barriers around vulnerability and inspire the practice of fearless self expression in listeners, fellow artists, and the world at large.
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